Tuesday, 26 November 2013


If you have spent any amount of time on the Internet, you have probably come across websites that promise big money for doing very little. In truth, you're not going to make "big money," but you can indeed earn cash for doing something as simple as reading email.


To be honest, the first time I heard the term “get paid to read emails”, I too was suspicious. I didn’t know how someone could make money reading emails online. Moreover, I had a hard time understanding the concept of paid emails. I mean, why on earth would a site pay you to read email!?

What does it take? 1. Email account to sign up as well as to receive daily mails to read 2. Internet connection 3. Free to open Paypal Account. you wish to receive your payments faster. Without a paypal account you could still receive your earnings by check. 4. Five to ten minutes per day to read the mails (and make sure that your emails are not filtered out by your spam protection or Internet security program).

Most of the programs offer you $5 or $10 sign up bonus as well which is pretty good and the real benefit start coming in when your referrals are making money.So here are the list on the top website that pay you to read emails.

inbox pay Inbox Dollars. ($5 for sign up, $3-$4 per mail, upto 3 mails per day)

sendearnings Send Earnings.($5 for sign up, $2-$5 per mail, minimum 50 per survey)

Paid Emails.($1 for referrals, minimum $5 per mail)

Matrix Mails.(Sign up bonus as per choice, $1 for referrals, minimum $5 per ad mail, up to 10 ads per day, need to read mails via their inbox)

InboxDollars. and SendEarnings. are one and the same but they provide separate sign-up and billing services.

CashCrate. is by far the most famous one of all and it’s one of my personal favorite that has been around for a long time. There are hundreds of free offers to choose from. Paid once a month by check, which you don’t even have to request it. If you have at least $10 in your account (which with all the free offers they have is very easy to reach), your check will be sent to you automatically. Only US residence can register.

Points2shop. is a new yet reliable rewards program that lets you earn in 6 ways: surveys, shopping, offers, email, refer and join. Yes they even pay you as soon as you join them. You can redeem your points for any product offered by Amazon.com. Members are accepted from United States and United Kingdom.

UniquePaid UniqPaid. is one of the few international get paid to sites where anyone from anywhere around the world can sign up for free and earn money by completing paid and free offers. You get paid by PayPal, check and gift cards. There is no minimum for cash out. Whether you make just $.01 or $500, you can request it through PayPal. You’ll get +10% CASH BONUS for each offer completed during the first 2 days after registration, so I would suggest you to try to complete as many offers as possible.

FusionCash. is an online loyalty program which rewards surfers for trying offers, participating in market research studies and more. You can easily make money just by using free offers. You are paid via check or by PayPal, it’s your choice. Plus, you get a $5 bonus for joining. Only US residence are accepted.

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